45- 60 min 50,- €

It’s my goal to give you what you need, to help you to get on, but this is not always what you want to hear.Therefore, try to go into a consultation without expectations.
At the end of the consultation there will be time for questions, in case something important was not discussed.
Recording the consultation with e.g. your mobile is recommended, so at a later time you can listen to the consultation in peace and quiet.

If you have questions or want to make an appointment, please mail to:

To avoid misunderstandings concerning privacy I do not give information about other persons, unless they have given written permission that I may look at them.

– A mediamistic consultation
Our deceased loved ones are always around us and like to communicate with us. During a mediamistic consultation, I blend with the Spirit World to connect with your loved ones. I give evidence such as detailed information about the person’s character and for example shared memories and finally a loving message.
– A psychic consultation / reading
At a reading my soul blends with your soul to see where you are in life. This can be about life in terms of work, relationships, love life, talents, etc. I can ‘see’ why your life is the way it is now. A reading can give you insight and clarity in a surprising way.