Medium Alice

recording while video calling is a memory you save for life

I’m Alice Westenberg, born 01 august 1972 in Enschede. Together with my husband Arno Westenberg, grandson of the famous psychic healer Frans Kooy, I have two daughters. Actually, when I look back, psychics always have been close to us. My husband and I learned a lot from Mr. croiset.

Life is the best course I’ve ever taken!

As a child I already saw things

As long as I can remember I see deceased people as if they were alive. My fear for what I saw was so bad, that at one point I started to practice martial art. At the time I dared to look at what I actually saw all these years, I finally saw how beautiful and loving it is.

From 2006 I followed many international courses & trainings in the Netherlands, Germany, England and USA and additionally the 3 year mediumship at Naarden to develop myself. With known and unknown mediums. Some names are: Mavis Pittilla, José Gosschalk, Paul Jacobs, Scott Milligan, Natalie E Walker, Andy Byng, Tony Stockwell, John Johnson, Brenda Lawrens, Chris Drew, Ivo Laurens Manus, Elisabeth Slomp.

My path to Mediumship

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