Who am I

I’m Alice Westenberg, born 01 august 1972 in Enschede. Together with my husband Arno Westenberg, grandson of the famous psychic healer Frans Kooy, I have two daughters. Actually, when I look back, psychics always have been close to us. My husband and I learned a lot from Mr. croiset.

As long as I can remember I see deceased people as if they were alive. My parents and others around me did not see them and I have always thought that I created these images with my own fears. My fear for what I saw was so bad, that at one point I started to practice martial art. At the time I dared to look at what I actually saw all these years, I finally saw how beautiful and loving it is.

Through a friend a medium crossed our path in 2006. I had never heard of a medium … That moment it all started for me. At her place I started a spiritual development course. Much later, my husband and I did an intensive course in Germany for months. What was also very nice and especially instructive natural, intuitive development course at Elizabeth Slomp. From another perspective, I have done a course in intuitive development at a mediums place known from TV. Followed by the course Mediumship, which she unfortunately failed to finish. Fortunately Laurens Manus was willing to give me (and the other students) continue assisting with his mediumship course for advanced students

I have successfully completed the three years at the Academy of Mediumship in Naarden (The Netherlands) and was several times for courses at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Birmingham (England) and The Zwanenhof Zenderen (The Netherlands).

I had training from Geraldine Stormfield, Mavis Pittilla, Paul Jacobs, John Johnson, Andy Byng, Chris Drew en Tony Stockwell.

I also like to keep developingdo myself in future. Each course was and is very special and instructive, though I also learned that each of us should follow his own path. We all do it our own way.

I see my gifts as a GREAT GIFT from the LORD GOD. Through God’s Love I like to help people. I’m just an ordinary woman, with multiple defects, but that does not stop me from to go for it ..!